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NWA Powerrr 3 14

NWA Powerrr Results (3/14): TV Title Match And More

The National Wrestling Alliance aired the newest episode of NWA Powerrr on March 14.

Thom Latimer defended the NWA World Television Championship against Rhett Titus on the show. Plus, Kerry Morton faced Mecha Wolf, and Ashley D’Amboise took on Kenzie Paige.


The results are as follows:

  • In an interview, Chris Adonis discusses his upcoming match with NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus at NWA 312. He says he feels like he’s the most underrated wrestlers in the business, but this match is his chance to prove himself as one of the best. Adonis tells Tyrus, who is standing nearby, that he will win the title if he locks in the Master Lock. Tyrus walks up and stares down Adonis. Tyrus says he is the champion and the face of TV. He calls himself the boogeyman under “the internet’s beds at night.” Tyrus says Adonis won’t be able to get his arms around his back for the Master Lock; Tyrus says he doesn’t think Zeus himself could do that.
  • Ashley D’Amboise Kenzie Paige discuss their upcoming match.
  • NWA World Women’s TV Championship Tournament Semifinal: Kenzie Paige def. Ashley D’Amboise
  • In an interview, Trevor Murdoch says he’s been put out of work by Beast Mode and Daisy Kill because they hurt him, but he’s coming for revenge.
  • Mike Knox def. Stacee Alexander
  • Backstage, Bobby Fulton says he came to the NWA as a good will ambassador, but The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky and Jay Bradley) disrespected him and humiliated him. He says he’s upset they stole the belts. Fulton makes it clear that while he has been retired for years, he makes an open challenge to either one of The Fixers to face him. Fulton admits that he has had health issues, but he loves this business, and he intends to put The Fixers in their place.
  • May Valentine interviews The Spectaculars and Rolando Freeman. Valentine asks Freeman about his relationship with Aron Stevens, and Rolando says Stevens betrayed them both. He says Stevens manipulated him into challenging Tyrus to a title match, and he wasn’t ready for that opportunity yet. Freeman says he’s coming for Stevens next, as he would make him pay. Valentine says Stevens has it coming.
  • NWA World Television Championship: Thom Latimer (c) def. Rhett Titus
  • In an interview, Thrillbilly Silas notes that he wanted to get a shot at the National Championship. He says he’s taking everything one day at a time, and he will beat his next opponent, Brady Pierce. Pollo Del Mar calls Silas the greatest wrestler in the NWA and says there is some “political dealings” behind the scenes, as some people want to jump ahead of Mason. Pollo says “Big Daddy Thrill” will be the next NWA National Champion.
  • Kerry Morton def. Mecha Wolf
    • Bestia 666 interferes, but Morton perseveres and pins Mecha Wolf after he rolls down his knee pad, hits a knee strike and hits the Kiss is Goodbye for the win.