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Austin Aries: You Can’t Make Fun Of Anybody Now, Except For Short Guys

Austin Aries says everything is off-limits, except for jokes about short people.

The Undisputed Podcast with Bobby Fish recently welcomed Austin Aries to the show, and the discussion involved talent getting mocked for their height. Aries, who noted that he’s been on the receiving end himself, doesn’t pay much attention to it. He went on to say that he finds it interesting that no one can make jokes anymore… unless it’s about being vertically challenged.


“You get lots of people commenting on your lack of size or your height, all these short jokes, which is funny because nowadays in society we can’t make fun of anybody for anything,” Aries said. “You can’t make fun of people for the shape they’re in, obviously for the color of their skin, religion, anything. Sexual orientation, it’s all off-limits except if you’re short, fuck you, you midget!

“That’s like the one thing that’s still OK, but it doesn’t bother me because as an athlete. I’m sure you agree with me, we’ve been measured by our measurables our whole life and told we can’t do this, you won’t be as good here. I’m immune to it, it doesn’t bother me,” Aries stated. “It’s just an interesting phenomenon that we’re so culturally woke that we’re so caring about people’s feelings — except for short guys, fuck them. Short, straight white dudes, fuck them. That’s it, they ruined everything. We ruined everything.”

Bobby Fish joked that short white guys are the bane of existence and he doesn’t like them. Aries replied that he doesn’t either because there are only so many spots in wrestling and he sees them all as competition. 

“How many under-5’10” white guys can you have on a roster? Not very many,” Aries said. 

“Well, WWE saw us and decided to make us a faction,” Fish added. “We used to call Kyle [O’Reilly] ‘big man’ because Kyle was 5’10 1/2.”

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