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Tyrus Believes NWA’s Big And Physical Roster Sets Them Apart From Everyone Else

Tyrus wants the world to know what separates the National Wrestling Alliance from everyone else.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tyrus was a recent guest on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When it was brought up that the main event of NWA 312 between the champion and Chris Adonis feels like an old-school fight, Tyrus said that’s what sets the National Wrestling Alliance apart from other wrestling companies.

“Yeah, it’ll be like Billy Jack Haynes, Big John Studd, that kind of thing, Hercules, Bundy, Orndorf, Hogan, that kind of a battle,” Tyrus said. “It’s funny; the one thing about the NWA that’s different than everyone else is our roster is a big roster. Our guys are big, physical, and thus our matches are that way. I think that’s what makes us different than all the other brands.

“There won’t be many headscissors takeovers, or planchas, or 7,000 off-the-top ropes that aren’t strong enough to put a guy down. With us, you make a slip, it’s one move, and it’s good night. So whether this thing’s gonna go three minutes or whether it’s gonna go 30 minutes, we’ll have to see, but both guys are capable of putting somebody out in one shot.

“The one thing for him is I don’t think he’s big enough to get me in the Master Lock. This is the biggest trap in wrestling. I don’t think he’s gonna be able to get it on, so I hope he’s got something else.”

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