chelsea green
Photo Credit: WWE

Chelsea Green Wants To Help The Miz Host WrestleMania 39

Chelsea Green says she wears plenty of hats, and she’s eager to showcase her versatility.

Speaking on WWE Die Woche, Green expressed her interest in helping The Miz host WWE WrestleMania 39 and she compared the way fans connect to her the same way they react to the former WWE Champion.

“With that being said, if The Miz needs help hosting WrestleMania, I can also do that,” Green said. “I know the people really, really love me. They connect to me the same way they connect to The Miz. We’ve got a massive following, we really have the best outfits to showcase in something like that. So besides being really the first candidate to take over the management position on RAW, I could also be a host as well. I really wear plenty of hats. I’m a jill of many trades. Not all, but we’re working on it.”

When asked whether she would rather host WrestleMania or compete in the WrestleMania Showcase Match, Green noted that doing double duty would give her plenty of pull.

“It’s really about how many times the people see my face, so I’d be okay hosting it, and that way, I can have a few costume changes,” Green said. “I mean really, if I’m the host, I could do whatever I want. I could do double duty, couldn’t I? But if I’m in the match and I’m not the host, I don’t have that pull.”