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The Rock To Roman Reigns: Maybe Down The Road, I’ll See You In Person

The Rock hypes up WWE WrestleMania 39 and teases his return.

In a tweet, The Rock sent a message to the entire WWE Universe. He first highlighted NXT’s successful Stand & Deliver show on April 1, which included the in-ring debut of his daughter, Simone Johnson, also known as Ava Raine. “The Great One” thanked the fans and made it clear that they’re the reason wrestlers get to do what they do.

“Alright, big, big weekend going down,” The Rock said. “Right now, it is WrestleMania weekend in Los Angeles at the iconic SoFi Stadium. This message goes out to the WWE Universe. Well first, the WWE Universe, the fans, the ones who are our anchor and the reason why we are all able and very lucky and privileged and honored to be able to do what we do, to perform for you in that famed squared circle.

“WWE Universe, have a blast at WrestleMania tonight, which is Saturday. The show has already started, tomorrow’s Sunday. I know this morning by the way was a big, big morning for NXT. All the performers of NXT, including my daughter Simone, Ava Raine, baby, she made her big debut. So proud of you, baby girl. Keep up the great work. So congratulations to NXT, and now, WWE Universe, have fun. Enjoy WrestleMania. Everybody is performing for you, and again, you’re the reason why we get to do what we do.”

The former WWE Champion continued by encouraging the WWE roster to gave fun and “move” the crowd. He expressed his excitement as he told them to create their WrestleMania moment.

“On to the WWE performers, the pro wrestlers, the women and the men who are my fellow brothers and sisters of the squared circle of this business that we love. It’s so deeply rooted in our DNA and in our constitution, as I always tell you guys when we speak, go out there, create your WrestleMania moment, make history.

“Move the crowd, and ‘The Rooster’ will agree, move the crowd, and have some f—- fun when you go out there. Excuse my language, but have some fun. Move the crowd, have fun, connect with that crowd. Because even though what we do is really intense, if you have fun energetically, the crowd knows inherently that you’re having fun too, and you pull them in, and you’re creating that incredible, iconic WrestleMania moment. So you guys go out there and kick ass.”

Shifting his focus to the main event, The Rock hyped up his cousin, Roman Reigns, and The Bloodline. He also praised Cody Rhodes and made it clear that “The American Nightmare” has had an inspiring journey.

“Speaking of kicking ass, I gotta tell you, I am so excited, not only for all the matches, but especially the main event with my cousin, Roman Reigns, the Universal Champion, and to my family, the entire Bloodline, Jey, Jimmy, Solo, we’re so proud of you guys,” he said. “Kick ass, electrify SoFi Stadium, do what you do. It is in our blood, and who knows? Maybe, just maybe, down the road, I’ll see you in person. Maybe. I’ll just leave it at that.

“Of course, his opponent, a man who I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for, Cody Rhodes. He’s my boy. In a way, we grew up together. Our families were together when we were kids. ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes and ‘The Soul Man’ Rocky Johnson, when they were partners, would hang at each other’s house all the time when we were little kids. But Cody, your journey is so incredibly inspiring, not only to the WWE Universe, not only to your fellow brothers and sisters of the locker room, but also to me as well. So very proud of you, brother. You guys go out there, tear the house down, f—- crush it, sorry for my language. I’m getting excited. I can not wait to watch.”

The Rock also expressed his gratitude for the numerous people who work behind the scenes to make WrestleMania happen before he again teased his return down the road.

“Also, WWE, I’ll say behind the scenes, behind the curtain, the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of WWE employees who are not in front of the camera forward-facing, I know how hard you guys have relentlessly worked for this weekend, so thank you in advance for your work, and congratulations in advance for what seems to be already an incredible weekend,” he said. “So WWE in Stamford, WWE boots on the ground, production-wise in LA, down in Florida, all around the world, the team WWE, behind the scenes, congratulations and thank you so much for all your incredible work.

” I’ll just end this with the most appropriate way The People’s Champ knows how. If ya smell… I’ll gotta save it. I gotta save it for down the road. Let’s enjoy WrestleMania weekend, baby. People’s Champion. Love you guys, I’m out.

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