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Trevor Murdoch: The NWA Wrestlers I Face Aren’t A Bunch Of ‘F—ing P—ies’

Trevor Murdoch likes the toughness he sees in the National Wrestling Alliance.

Murdoch, a former WWE World Tag Team Champion, has been with the NWA since 2019. During his time with the company, he has won the NWA National Championship, and he has captured the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship twice.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Murdoch opened up about why he loves the NWA.

“I always, as a wrestler, have always wanted the company that had a boss that just trusted me,” Murdoch said, “To give me opportunities, to let me fail. Billy (Corgan) and the NWA have done that. They have given me the opportunities to go out there, and I tell them what I can do and what I’m gonna do in these matches. And they go, ‘OK, go do it.’ And they give me opportunities to prove that I’m a good wrestler. That I’m willing to go out there and put on a hell of a show and entertain these folks.

“Whereas, when I’ve worked for other companies, I haven’t gotten those opportunities. The other situation too is, like, they talk to me. They ask guys’ advice. They treat me like I’m a part of the team. And when you treat me like that, I become the most loyal individual you’ll ever have. I’ll take a bullet for you. If I know that you’re willing to be there for me, to work hard for me and give me every opportunity, then I return that in loyalty. That’s where I’m at with the NWA, and I’ll probably most likely end my career here.”

When asked to provide his favorite moment of his NWA career, Murdoch struggled to pick a specific one, as he stated that the entire run has been “favorable.” He emphasized that he enjoys working with wrestlers who aren’t “—ing p—ies”, as he stated that some of them don’t complain when they get hit hard. Murdoch stated that this is the type of wrestling he aims to deliver.

“Here in the NWA, I don’t have any major, like, favorite moment,” Murdoch said. “The whole thing to me is favorable. I’m getting into the ring with like-minded individuals that, I may get crucified, they’re not a bunch of f—ing p—ies. I don’t know how to explain it. I apologize for my language, but I’ve hit some of these guys really hard, and they didn’t come back complaining and whining. They wanted more. And that’s the type of wrestling that I want to deliver to the people. That hard-nosed, bring them to the woodshed, just knock the crap out of each other, old-school pro wrestling.”

Murdoch went on to describe how NW is different from other companies, as it brings wrestling back to its original form. He noted that the matches center around people beating each other up and questioned who wouldn’t like watching that.

“NWA is definitely a different slice of pro wrestling,” Murdoch said. “We take pro wrestling and bring it back to its original form, and that’s two opponents going in there and beating the hell out of each other,” he said. “Whereas, with a lot of wrestling you watch today, it’s very acrobatic. And those guys are great athletes. Wonderful, great, great athletes.

“But you lose a certain sense of believability when you take a big bump and get right back up, and you’re running around like you were never affected. When you watch an NWA match, first and foremost, you can look at the opponents and know that they’re adults and that they got some experience in life and that they’ve been somewhere. And then most likely those two adults are going to go in there and beat the hell out of each other. And who don’t like watching that?”

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