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Trick Williams: CM Punk Has Helped Me With Some Things, He Has Been A Blessing

Trick Williams says CM Punk has been a mentor who has helped him.

CM Punk returned to WWE at WWE Survivor Series 2023. He has since made multiple trips to the WWE Performance Center. Punk has worked with some of the young talent there. He also appeared briefly at NXT Deadline. Punk has been sidelined with a torn triceps since January.

Speaking on Unlikely with Adrian Hernandez, NXT Champion Trick Williams was asked about CM Punk mentoring him and other young talent.

“Mentor is a perfect way to put it, man,” Williams said. “He has been a blessing for all of us who would take the time to actually go talk to him and reach out to him. He’s helped me with a few things that I feel like, if the crowd knew about it, they would be very grateful that he did. I’ll just leave it there. Shoutout to CM Punk. He’s been a positive light for all of us here in NXT.”

The video can be seen here:

CM Punk previously discussed how his WWE return came about. Check out his comments here.

Punk shared a picture in which he trained with Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez. More information is available here.

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