WWE NXT Battleground Nathan Frazer Axiom
Photo Credit: WWE

WWE NXT Battleground: Nathan Frazer And Axiom vs. The O.C. Result

Nathan Frazer and Axiom defended the gold at WWE NXT Battleground.

At WWE NXT Battleground, Nathan Frazer and Axiom defended the NXT Tag Team Championship against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of The O.C. The bout marked a tall task for the champions, as Gallows and Anderson were former RAW Tag Team Champions, and they have held gold around the world.

The two teams battled back and forth. Gallows and Anderson showcased their veteran expertise, while Frazer and Axiom wowed the crowd with their high-speed offense. In the end, Frzer clinched the win with a Phoenix Splash.

Here’s how the match broke down, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Anderson and Gallows set up the Magic Killer. Axiom reverses it into a sleeper. Gallows almost passes out but manages to break the hold. Anderson and Gallows hit the Boot of Doom. Frazer breaks up the pin. Anderson hits a TKO off the top rope. Axiom kicks out! Axiom lands a super Spanish Fly on Anderson. Frazer follows that with a Phoenix Splash for the win.

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