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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Joe Hendry Initially Refused To Do Concerts In TNA Since It Was Too Similar To The Rock

One of the most popular segments in TNA Wrestling is the ‘I believe in Joe Hendry’ segments where the former Digital Media Champion would sing songs. Hendry almost refused to do these segments as Joe Hendry felt it was too similar to The Rock concerts.

While speaking to Whatculture Wrestling, Joe Hendry revealed that the Joe Hendry song concerts would have never come to fruition if he didn’t come around on the idea.

“That [The Rock Concert] was one of the reasons… So, here’s the thing. I initially, when I was asked to do the concert, I initially said no. Yeah. Because that [The Rock Concert] was one of the reasons. Because I was like, ‘The Rock just did this.’ And the Toronto segment, the original one, is like… The Rock’s my favorite wrestler of all time. That segment in Toronto was one of my favorite all time segments. And I just thought, ‘If I had to go out there and just sing a couple of songs, what can I do to even put this in the same conversation?’”

Joe Hendry was open to finally doing it as the conversation developed

As conversations developed, Hendry and the team found ways to make the segments more interesting and entertaining.

“And then the conversation developed and then it turned out, ‘Oh actually, we might be able to use a copyrighted song.’ And then the conversation became, ‘Well, if we are going to do a copyrighted song it has to be something that’s synonymous with wrestling. A band that everyone knows.’ So it had to be a Limp Biscuit or Evan Essence or something like that.’ And then Creed came up. And then it was like… Right… And then when we got the hook with the, ‘Can you take me higher? Can you please get fired?’

“Then we were like, ‘Okay, we might have something.’ But, I cannot tell you the pressure. Because I hadn’t played guitar live since 2015. And when I played in 2015 it was like G C G D, it was just the cords. And this is in a famous venue. But I’m looking at the wall, my favorite bands have played in this venue. And I’m going… I knew that if this went badly or it went brilliantly, my career would never be the same after. And you just have those moments. And it was like, ‘Are you a game day player?’ I knew I just had to go out there and do the business,” Joe Hendry said.

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