AEW Dynamite Bryan Danielson
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Bryan Danielson On Ending His Full-Time Career: The Hard Part Is That I Still Love It So Much

Bryan Danielson discusses his decision to step away from full-time wrestling.

As previously noted, Bryan Danielson has said that 2024 will be the last year of his full-time wrestling career. Danielson, 43, promised his seven-year-old daughter that he would stop wrestling full-time when she turned seven, and the AEW star intends to keep his word.

Speaking with Chris Kelly of The Washington Post, Bryan Danielson emphasized that he wanted to spend more time with his kids.

“I’m going to end my full-time career here this year so I can be more present and more at home with my kids,” Danielson says. “They’re at an age where they want me around, and that’s not going to exist forever. There’s that magic before you get a little bit older that I want to be around for.”

Bryan Danielson also stated that he wants to absorb his in-ring experiences more than ever so that he can create lasting memories. He highlighted how the most challenging aspect of letting go is that he still loves wrestling so much.

“There’s just this energy that you can feel inside your body. To me, it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced,” Danielson said. “The hard part of letting go is that I still love it so much.”

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