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McKenzie Mitchell Praises ‘WhatsNeXT’ Series With Alicia Taylor

McKenzie Mitchell has a lot of love for SmackDown ring announcer Alicia Taylor.

One of the popular series on WWE’s YouTube channel was the WhatsNeXT show. The show discussed what was happening on NXT and was hosted by Alicia Taylor and former WWE NXT Backstage Interviewer McKenzie Mitchell. Recently, Mitchell shared her thoughts on the show.

A fan took to Twitter to share a post mentioning that the WhatsNeXT series was a fun show to watch.

“#WhatsNeXT with @mckenzienmitch and @AliciaTaylorWWE was always so much fun to watch. #WWENXT,” A fan tweeted.

McKenzie Mitchell replied to the fan and mentioned that the show allowed her and Alicia Taylor to have a lot of creative freedom, and both had a lot of fun.

“I credit so much of my skill as a host to this show. When we first started WhatsNeXT we were writing scripts. By the end of the series we would sit down to film and go with the flow. Ad lib, free form, genuine thoughts, and creativity expressed. Great memories with

@AliciaTaylorWWE,” McKenzie Mitchell tweeted.

McKenzie Mitchell would love to return to NXT and do commentary with Booker T and her husband, Vic Joseph

Recently, while speaking on the Bob Culture podcast, McKenzie Mitchell mentioned that she is interested in doing commentary and that she would love to do commentary with Vic Joseph and Booker T in NXT.

“A couple of times. I think the role of a commentator gets undermined sometimes because there is so much going on in their heads,” McKenzie Mitchell said. “There are so many moving parts. There’s so much happening behind the scenes that I don’t think people even realize if you’re just a viewer, and you’re tuning in to watch the show, or if you’re a fan in the audience.

“I think there’s so many different things you’re having to pay attention to. It’s such a learning curve with commentating. Obviously with ‘The Last Match’, it’s scripted and we know where we’re going. But there’s gonna be some ad-lib in there as well. But I can’t say that Vic and I haven’t talked about it, like ‘Ooh, wouldn’t that be fun’, if it was Vic as the standard play-by-play, and me and Booker on NXT in the future. Can you imagine how cool that would be?”

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