Pat McAfee George Kittle WWE WrestleMania 39
Image Credit: WWE

49ers Star George Kittle Shares What His General Manager Said After He Got Physical At WrestleMania 39

Many celebrities show up to attend WWE’s biggest events of the year. At last year’s WrestleMania 39, San Francisco 49ers’ tight end, George Kittle, made a special appearance.

During his appearance, George Kittle climbed over the barricade and got a bit physical by helping Pat McAfee against the A-Lister, The Miz. While speaking to ESPN, Kittle shared that his team did know that he was going to be at WrestleMania 39, but they were not aware of him getting involved in a segment.

Kittle mentioned that his General Manager John Lynch texted him later in the night by stating that he did not want Kittle to do something like that ever again.

“Hope you had fun,” 49ers general manager John Lynch later texted, according to Kittle. “Don’t do that again.”

George Kittle also mentioned that the philosophy within the team is that as long as nobody gets hurt while performing outside the NFL, there will be no problems.

“Just don’t get hurt, and we won’t have any problems with anything,” George Kittle said.

A similar question was asked to Kansas City Chiefs’ Coach Andy Reid. He was asked what his players should most likely avoid outside the sport. Reid replied by stating that they should avoid anything and everything that could potentially get them hurt and injured.

“All the dangerous things,” Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “Things where they get hurt, you don’t want them to do.”