Chad Gable WWE RAW
Photo Credit: WWE

Triple H: Chad Gable Is Still Alive After Getting Attacked By Wyatt Sicks

Triple H sets the record straight.

After The Wyatt Sicks attacked Chad Gable backstage, some fans quipped that the WWE RAW star was “dead”, given the way that he was shown bloodied and unconscious on the June 17 episode of WWE RAW. Gable is set to compete on the June 24 episode of WWE RAW, but there has been some skepticism about Gable’s condition.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Triple H confirmed that Chad Gable was indeed still alive.

“He’s good. You see people, you see things on TV, and it escalated quickly from, ‘Here’s Chad Gable laying down, he’s unconscious, got a little bit of blood on him,’ to, ‘Oh my god, he got shot in the head and he’s dead.’ And here’s obituaries being put up on him and people wishing him well. Look, it’s one of the wonderful things about our fans. They just love to be engaged in the product and to, in their minds, fantasize where it can go, what it’s gonna be.

“It’s an awesome part of what we do. But every now and then, we gotta pull back into reality a little bit. Like no, Chad Gable is still alive, if we can just clarify that for the record. He’s still alive. If you come tonight, you will probably see him actually competing. That’s the kind of stud he is.”

Fans will have to tune in to WWE RAW on June 24 to see what happens next with Chad Gable and the Wyatt Sicks. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs on Monday.

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