Angel Berto WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

Berto Says He And Angel Are Not Booked For WWE Live Events In Mexico

Berto says that he and Angel will not be at WWE’s upcoming shows in Mexico.

In a tweet, Berto said that he and Angel would not be at WWE’s live events in Mexico on July 13 and 14, as they had not been booked. He noted that they were not at the shows last year, but they hoped to see the fans next time.

Berto replied to the original post by saying that it was understandable, as the card was tight and the Mexican crowd wanted to see other superstars as well. However, he wrote that it was a little sad that they had not been considered for it yet.

Both Angel and Berto have contracts that are set to expire on August 1, as reported by Fightful. The report noted that WWE is interested in keeping the duo.

Berto and Angel are members of Legado del Fantasma, and they are members of the WWE SmackDown roster.