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Shawn Michaels Responds To Madusa Saying She’s Unsure If The Women Train At AEW

Madusa recently sparked some controversy when she said it seemed like some of the women at AEW felt like they did not have to train, and Shawn Michaels was asked to comment.

Speaking on her Paving the Way podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Madusa discussed attending training sessions at AEW and recalled how they were voluntary, so attendance was low. She recalled how some of the women noted that it was practice, so they did not have to go. The legend shared her belief that it seemed like some of the women felt as if they did not have to train. (H/t Wrestling News Source)

During the NXT Heatwave Media Call, SVP of NXT and Talent Relations Shawn Michaels was asked about Madusa’s comments.

“I understand…I think it’s where you meet someone at what point in their career,” Shawn Michaels said. “Each individual guy, he’s the only one that knows what it is he got in this business for and what he wants to accomplish. I respect that. I guess we just always try to find or hope that we find that guys that are at a point where they feel like they can establish both.

“So I get somebody like a Shawn Spears or an Ethan Page that comes in here with a ton of experience, my goal is still to get them to the main roster and get them moved up to a spot where they can begin to thrive and do well.”

Shawn Michaels On Wanting Veterans To Teach

Shawn Michaels then discussed how he wanted the veterans to help mentor and teach the younger talent, but he respected those who would say no.

“I look at it as twofold, and I would feel like I wasn’t giving them the real truth if I didn’t tell them,” Shawn Michaels said. “But while we’re doing that, I’m gonna ask you to take on this other role as a mentor, as a leader, as a teacher. I’ll put it this way. If that’s something you don’t feel like you want to do, I respect it. I respect that you’d say no, to be perfectly honest, and you want to go and do something else. It’s better for us, I don’t know, to get maybe hurt our feelings on a phone call than it is to bring you in here and then have you show us that you don’t want to be teaching anybody, and he’s not giving it his all.

“So I honestly don’t mind people kicking me in the nuts. I would just rather them do it before they come in and work for the company on a regular basis so they’re not kicking me in the nuts every Tuesday [laughs]. One time, I can deal with, but if we can not make it happen, that would be great.”

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