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Shelton Benjamin: There Were Plans For Hurt Business To Return, Things Changed

To this day, Shelton Benjamin believes that there’s still so much more that the Hurt Business could offer.

Speaking with Alistair McGeorge of Metro, Shelton Benjamin looked back on the end of the Hurt Business and stated that it was cut short way too soon.

“I consider that one of my defining contributions to the wrestling business,” he said. “Definitely cut short too soon – way, way, way too soon. I feel like there’s even to this day, there’s still so much more that Hurt Business could offer. But again, we don’t make those calls. That was, you know, just a decision. And like I said, love it or hate it., just gotta live with it and move on.”

Shelton Benjamin On Potential Hurt Business Return

Shelton Benjamin then noted that a potential Hurt Business return was talked about, but things changed.

“There was definitely conversation and planning for the Hurt Business to make a return. And then things just changed,” he said. ”They set dates, the dates changed and things changed. And then suddenly it was like, “Nope, we’re just not doing it. And that was… that was a kick in the balls [laughs].”

Benjamin stated that he never got any clear answers about the decision, but he knew that the company was high on Lashley. He shared his belief that the group could have been together while WWE also elevated Lashley.

“I love being a part of helping people succeed,” Benjamin said. “But in the case of the Hurt Business, I felt like there was so much more for every individual in that to really elevate themselves within the company. I think the fact that there was no Hurt Business versus Bloodline war is one of the biggest mishaps in pro wrestling.”

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