Exclusive: Key WWE Insider Says “All Plans Are Changing”

It was apparently a "wild as hell" producers meeting with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and top lieutenant (and son-in-law) Triple H today, as the boss felt like changing plans heading into the summer months.

"Vince knows he wants Rock vs Cena for next year’s WrestleMania, and he thinks everything else is up in the air and up for grabs at the moment," a key WWE insider exclusively told WrestleZone this evening, "several plans changed today, and I think it’s very fair to say that all plans changing right now .. except for Rock vs Cena, which is as etched in stone as anything ever can be with Vince McMahon in charge!"

As an example, Vince apparently changed gears with his approach to Kia Stevens, the former Awesome Kong, now known as Kharma. "That segment was actually discussed over a week ago, and then it was scrapped in a way that no one thought it should ever be discussed again," we were told, "all of a sudden, Vince decided to go for it, all the way, and push it hard out of nowhere. The writers are totally on eggshells again because they don’t know which way the wind is blowing, and Vince is changing his mind at every turn."

In the meantime, we were told Vince was "more hands on than even before" today, demanding to have the talent rehearse every line, and the writers and producers make sure every word on the scripts was rehearsed over and over again.

"It’s going to be an interesting summer," another WWE source told us, "Vince is just in one of his moods."