WWE RAW Results (5/23) – New Tag Champs, Cole Humbled!


WWE RAW Results

May 23rd 2011

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

Jerry Lawler comes out and says the nightmare is over, and Michael Cole has finally been beaten. He says he knew Cole would try to weasel his way out of kissing his foot, but he had an ace in his boot, and introduces Bret Hart! Bret comes out and says anytime he faced Lawler, he still respected him but he can’t stand Cole at all.

R-Truth comes out and interrupts, and says it is an honor, and tells Bret to ask him how many title matches he has had. Truth says none, and it is probably because he didn’t care about the "Little Jimmys" and says he wants to experiment right now. He takes Bret’s glasses and puts them on a fan, and says that should mean he gets a title shot next. Truth tells Bret he tried giving the people what they wanted, but he took out Morrison and Rey, and his actions might speak louder than words. He says he should take out a Hall of Famer next, and Bret tells him to take his best shot, and Truth doesn’t get title shots because he is a lunatic.

Truth says he won’t stand for that and goes to leave but John Cena’s music cuts him off. Cena tells Truth to wait and to come back, and he says that he is just as excited to see Bret as everyone else is. He gets back to Truth and says he has been busy with Miz, but he wants to know what happened with Truth since they used to be cool. Truth says he doesn’t know cool and he doesn’t know him, and the conspiracy he has been talking about is about Cena. He says Cena makes sure it is all about him, and the truth is that he never liked Cena. He says Cena and Bret were both pawns for the fans, but he only cares about himself and wants his match.

Cena says it’s about time someone knocks sense into him, and then they get interrupted by the anonymous GM. The email says the GM hasn’t seen enough from Truth yet, so he will pay close attention to Truth’s match with he and CM Punk against Rey Mysterio and John Cena. Just to make things more interesting, the special guest referee will be Bret Hart! 

Big Show and Kane are in the back talking about how to deal with CM Punk and Nexus and Show is sitting on the side of an expensive car. Ricardo Rodriguez comes over and starts yelling at them in Spanish but Show just piefaces him out of the way and continues to talk with Kane. Alberto comes in to the scene and starts screaming at Show in Spanish and  leaves with Ricardo.