Exclusive: TNA Pulls Surprise, WWE Execs Will Not Be Happy

WZ has received numerous reports that at tonight’s TNA House Show event in Amsterdam, NY, Road Warrior Animal and Paul Ellering made a surprise appearance as inductees into the 10th annual Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame along with Nick Bockwinkel, Billy Robinson, JJ Dillon, Dick Whoerle, Larry Sharpe, Ray Apollo, (yes, dressed as Doink, surprisingly) Butcher Vachon, Pete Sanchez, Intelligent Sensational Destroyer and Dominick DeNucci.

As we previously reported, Animal was pulled from this weekend’s WWE House Show events in Canada due to the perception that he took a shot at the WWE Wellness Policy during a recent interview.

According to several backstage sources in TNA, Jeff Jarrett and other officials were elated that they "stole" Animal and Ellering away from WWE and feel that they’ve "one-upped the competition."

For those who are unaware, Road Warrior Animal, real name Joe Laurinaitis, is the brother of WWE Vice President of Talent Relations Johnny "Ace" Laurinaitis, and news of Animal appearing at a TNA live event surely will not sit well with WWE management.

The move by TNA to bring in Animal and Ellering is the second of two recent shots the company has taken at WWE, with the first being the move to purchase billboard space in Stamford, CT, the home of WWE headquarters.