WWE Tough Enough Name at OVW Event; Full Results

Thanks to Jason Saint for sending this in:

Last night’s OVW Saturday Night Special was incredible! It was packed full of people, all of whom were extremely vocal during the entire event.

The results are as follows:

Paredyse defeated Raphael Constantine. Raphael and Paredyse have had problems for months, including their bouts in tag team action when Constantine was teaming with Christopher Silvio and Paredyse was teaming with Ryan Nemeth. This match was quick, but good, and ended when Paredyse hit his finish on Constantine. The crowd was solid behind Paredyse, and didn’t get anywhere below a holler for the former tag champ.

OVW Original "Smooth" Johnny Spade defeated Shiloh Jonze. Shiloh and Spade have been going back and fourth ever since Shiloh attempted to cause problems for Spade, but Spade has been chopping the hell out of Jonze week in and week out, and defeated him with a big Swanton bomb.

Rocco Bellagio (with Mo Green) defeated Elvis Pridemoore with a huge powerbomb. Elvis finally got the crowd behind him for a bit when he started to fight back against Bellagio, but once Rocco got a hold of him, it was lights out for Pridemoore.

Jason Wayne, Randy Terrez, and Jimbo Onoo defeated Tough Enough’s Ryan Howe (Skidmarks), Andrew Patton, and Raul LaMotta. For a 6-man tag team match, this was really well-done by all 6 superstars. Randy Terrez picked up the win after a stellar showing of his abilities, finishing off the match with the Thrill Kill, a corkscrew off the top rope, onto Andrew Patton.

Army Veteran Michael Hayes defeated Lennox. Lennox shows characteristics of a Jersey Shore/Tool Academy reject, and the crowd couldn’t hate him more if they tried. Michael Hayes, on the other hand, is a complete opposite. He’s a Louisville, Kentucky native who served in the United States Army, losing his right leg in a battle. Hayes has stayed active in Ohio Valley Wrestling, performing on several house shows and packing the house at Homecoming 3 last February. Hayes had yet another strong showing in this match, scoring a pinfall over Lennox in just a few minutes to the delight of the OVW audience.

Jamin Olivencia defeated Mohamed Ali Vaez (with Rudy Switchblade) for the OVW Television Championship. Rudy helped Jamin secure the win after he clocked Ali with the title when referee Chris Sharpe was knocked out. After the pinfall, Rudy turned on Jamin and hit him over the head with the TV title, leaving him laid out in the ring.

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions The Elite defeated Benny Bray and Asher Knight via pinfall for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships, after Ted McNaler (of the Elite) bashed Benny over the back with a steel chair. The Elite showed signs of dissension throughout the match, but ultimately bound together to defeat the two crowd favorites.

The next match was a gauntlet match for the OVW Women’s Championship. The order of elimination was as follows:

Taryn Shay defeated Helena Heavenly

Holly Blossom defeated Taryn Shay

Holly Blossom defeated Izzy Belle Smothers (aka Mickie Knuckles) (following a reverse hurricanrana that the crowd went nuts for)

Hannah Blossom defeated Holly Blossom

Hannah Blossom defeated Jessie Belle Smothers (daughter of Tracy Smothers)

CJ Lane defeated Hannah Blossom

Lady JoJo (aka Sojourner Bolt of TNA fame) defeated Hannah Blossom to secure her OVW Women’s Championship after Taryn Shay helped her secure the victory.

Cliff Compton defeated Mike Mondo for the OVW Heavyweight Championship. The match was a Brass Knuckles on a Pole match, with Mike Mondo’s championship on the line and Compton’s OVW career on the line, and it was refereed by OVW Owner Danny Davis. The match had a ton of build up through the TV tapings, including Mondo knocking several officials out with brass knuckles, including Compton and Davis as well. The crowd was insane for this match, rooting for Compton. The suspense was through the roof and the fans ate up every bit of it. Compton secured the win with a KO from the brass knuckles, much to the delight of the fans and Danny Davis as well. After the match, Davis promised Mondo that he would make his life a living hell for the rest of his OVW career.