PHOTOS: Hot Pics of Former Diva in Leather Pants (Spoiler)

When TNA (or "Impact Wrestling") made the decision not to use Isis The Amazon as Kurt Angle’s "Mistress" in his storyline against Jeff Jarrett and Kurt’s ex-wife Karen, and instead use former WWE Superstar Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, it was one of the true surprises of the year in professional wrestling.

Famed pro wrestling photographr caught up with Chyna this weekend at the Legends of the Ring convention, and snapped some surprisingly hot pics of Chyna in tight leather pants. "Chyna looks to be in the best shape I’ve seen her in since her WWE days," Mulrenin told us, "not since (WWE Chairman) Vince McMahon first separated her on camera from HHH and gave her a huge push on her own has she looked to be in this fantastic shape!"

To see the hot pics of TNA’s answer of "who is Kurt Angle’s mistress," complete with her leather pants and sleeveless top, CLICK HERE.