*Spoilers:* Complete WWE NXT Results From Orlando, FL

The following spoilers for WWE NXT are courtesy of PWInsider.com:

*William Regal came to commentate dressed to wrestle.

*The only Pros on the stage are JTG, Tyson Kidd and Vladimir Kozlov.

*Chavo Guerrero pinned Darren Young with Hornswoggle as the special referee. Horny wouldn’t count the pin when Young had Chavo pinned and even bit Young on the rear end.

*Backstage, Vladimir Kozlov tells Connor O’Brien that he needs to develop a skill. He demonstrates by breaking a wooden board over his own head. Connor doesn’t think he can do that but he breaks the board over his head.

*Lucky Cannon defeated Connor O’Brien after Tyson Kidd interfered.

*Backstage, Byron Saxton apologizes to Yoshi Tatsu for attacking him last week. Yoshi calls Maryse to see how she is feeling after being attacked last night by Kharma. Byron says this is exactly what he is talking about, that Tatsu is too preoccupied with Maryse. He says for now on, he is doing this alone.

*Matt Striker is announcing the William Regal match.

*William Regal vs. Jacob Novak turns into Regal vs. JTG. Regal is about to get the pin after the shining wizard but Novak breaks up the pin. Regal by DQ.

*NXT closes with a video package on the Rock’s birthday party.