Exclusive: Dana Lee Hall Responds To Being Called “Unstable”

On WrestleZone.com’s official Facebook page, Dana Lee Hall responded to a comment made about her being "unstable".  WZ Facebook follower, Steven, said the following about Dana Hall: "Read her tweets, this chick seems kind of unstable. No wonder he (Scott) is avoiding her."

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Dana (@lastcall4scotth) posted the following as a response:  "If I am "unstable" I come by it honestly, been dealing with this bullshit for 20 yrs., it is a crazy sick life and you have to fight crazy with crazy…I have just had enough of him and this sickness and what it has done to our kids…if I have to embarass him publicly to get thru to him and get others to stop him, then fine…he has embarassed and hurt his kids and family for years, my kids do not deserve this and I just want him to stop and either decide to live or to die, and enough of this in between shit already…none of us can take it anymore. I am not unstable, I am a mom to our two kids who have had to live their whole life with all of this and no dad, and just want the man to wake up long enough to say at the very least he is sorry…forgive me for that?? OMG, hasn’t anyone ever watched "Intervention"! Get over it, at least I am trying, saying nothing keeps people sick!

P.S. asshole, he only "avoids" anyone who tells him the truth, I don’t kiss his ass, and don’t enable him or tell him what he wants to hear,…he gets the truth and he can’t handle it, and if you can’t then don’t read my tweets howabout?? just saying?"

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