Wrestlezone Writer/Host Attacked By Wrestler At Show

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On this past weeks broadcast of PWO wrestling which airs on Sunday nights, Wrestlezone’s own Justin LaBar, was hit in the face by PWO performer Marion Fontaine.

Over the past few months, LaBar has been apart of cross promotion and guest at PWO shows. He has been reviewing shows and highlights some of their best talent on the Chair Shot Reality video show. PWO talent, Marion Fontaine, has been very vocal about his dislike for LaBar’s presence at the shows and LaBar’s critiques of Fontaine.

After a match for the PWO championship in which Fontaine dropped the belt to Jason Bane, Fontaine approached LaBar who was sitting front row and this is where the altercation began.

I made several calls and sent texts to LaBar. The only response with comment on the situation he would give is "It wasn’t part of their show and was after the main event so I’m pissed it was on T.V.. As far as Fontaine, this has gone way beyond him not liking me because of my opinions."

PWO wrestling released a statement regarding the incident in which one part of it states "Temporary action has already been taken against Mr. Fontaine, with further disciplinary measures being discussed." To read the full statement click here.

Wrestlezone wants to ensure everyone that the Chair Shot Reality show will take place as scheduled this week minus a CSR Extra, which does normally feature a PWO match of the week. Wrestlezone is not terminating the relationship with PWO but feel that with this weeks circumstances, it is the appropriate decision.

To see the altercation between Justin LaBar and Marion Fontaine, click on the video below. To see the past comments that Marion Fontaine made on PWO television towards Justin LaBar, you can find them on the PWO youtube channel.