(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown! Taping Results For Friday

Report courtesy of Kyle and ProWrestling.net …


Right before the Smackdown taping started, the Packer players in attendance were led to their seats right behind the announce table. In attendance were Clay Matthews, Tom Crabtree, Matt Wilhelm, Scott Wells, Graham Harrell, and Bryan Bulaga. Each of them had a World Heavyweight belt given to them by WWE.

Smackdown started with Alberto Del Rio talking about destiny. Kofi Kingston came out and talked smack and threatened del rio with a kendo stick. Kofi eventually hit Del Rio with a kendo stick and destroyed an in-ring setup, which led to a match.

1. Alberto Del Rio defeated Kof Kingston. Del Rio won by submission via armbar.

2. Justin Gabriel defeated Vladimir Kozlov. The match was ok. Gabriel won with a 450 splash. At one point during match, Heath Slater tripped Kozlov, and Santino hit Slater with The Cobra outside the ring. After the match was done, The Corre put a couple finishers on Kozlov and Santino, no “dog pack” beat down.

3. Drew McIntyre defeated Chris Masters. McIntyre said that it was all Edge’s fault that Kelly Kelly was fired last week. He said this match was for her. They had some okay exchanges, and McIntyre won via the Future Shock DDT.

They went to a shot of Laycool talking backstage. Michelle said she should be Divas Champion and the refs got it wrong at Royal Rumble. Layla looked and said, “Don’t you mean WE should be Divas Champion?” It looked like there may have been some tension. Vickie came out of her locker room and said that they needed to take control of what they wanted, like she was doing with Dolph Ziggler tonight.