*Spoiler:* Another Detailed Live Smackdown Taping Report

Thanks to Jimmy McGrath for sending in the following:


Hey guys, I was second row at tonight’s Smackdown taping and here are the details…

Booker T is added to the announcing table replacing Matt Striker.

The show opens with Vickie Guerrero cutting a promo complaining about Royal Rumble and calling out Kelly Kelly. Kelly then comes out to the ring after Vickie demands it three times. Kelly then comes and Vickie tells her to explain herself. Kelly gives a weak explanation about Vickie trying to kill her character and going through her things in the locker room. Vickie then says she should and could fire kelly kelly. However, she won’t because she is going to be the reason that Edge loses the title tonight. Lay Cool then comes out to intimidate Kelly Kelly and do a good job of it, until Edge comes out to clear the ring.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel def Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov in a non title bout

We then get a series of Elimination Chamber matches.

Kane def Chavo Guerrero very quickly via choke slam

Rey Mysterio def Jack Swagger by a quick role up. Rey appeared to injure his knee but did wrestle in the dark main event with a bit of a limp. Rey went for the 619 at one point and swagger blocked it, turning it into an ankle lock in a very cool move.

Dolph Ziggler was just placed in the match.

Wade Barrett def Big Show after interference from the Corre.

Drew McIntrye def Kofi Kingston via future shock ddt. Kofi was about to win the match when Alberto Del Rio came up the titantron and just started laughing which distracted Kofi.

Alberto Del Rio came out to celebrate his Royal Rumble win. Hornswoggle was in the ring with some hot valet throwing out tshirts. Then del Rio came out and started bragging about his win. There was a Wrestlemania pinata hanging above the ring and del Rio blindfolded Hornswoggle to hit it after telling him it contained candy and toys. Hornswoggle tried hitting it but it was too high and del Rio laughed at him. Then del Rio had them lower the pinata and Hornswoggle swung and hit del Rio in the nuts. del Rio then started beating up Hornswoggle until Kofi came and cleared the ring. Ricardo then distracted Kofi so del Rio could attack him from behind and put him in the cross arm breaker.

There is a promo of Edge and Kelly Kelly in the back. Edge is telling Kelly Kelly it’s a shame he’d have to lose his title like this. Kelly chastises Edge for not believing in her. And she walks ends up mad at him

In the main event, Vickie starts out by reminding Edge is he uses the spear he will lose his title on the spot. There is a lot of LayCool beating up on Kelly Kelly. They keep tagging each other in and out and maintaining the advantage. Edge gets in once or twice and beats up on Ziggler. At the end of the match, Edge attacks Ziggler outside and Kelly Kelly is sitting in the corner gathering herself when everyone starts calling for her to do the spear. She then uses the spear on Layla and gets the win to retain Edge’s title. After the match, Vickie comes in the ring and fires kelly kelly. She is no longer allowed on Smackdown. She also announces Edge will face Ziggler next week and Vickie will be the special guest referee. Edge then is then standing behind Vickie and looks like he might spear her until Dolph Ziggler gives him the zig zag from behind. Then Dolph gets the belt and Vickie tells him to try it on. Dolph holds up the title to end Smackdown.

In the dark main event, del Rio and Kane def Mysterio and Edge when del Rio rolled up edge for the 3 count.