Big Update on Ric Flair’s Status With TNA’s European Tour

We reported earlier today that Ric Flair had an outburst prior to a recent TNA European house show event and was subsequently left behind by the company as it continued the tour. has updated the situation and has noted that Flair is expected to re-join the tour in its next stop in Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday.


It’s being said, however, that the decision to bring Flair back into the tour has not been a popular one with many in the locker room as several TNA employees feel that Flair should have been kicked off the tour or even fired from the company.

One source told, "The whole thing was stupid but most of us feel more sorry for him than upset. If someone told you everyone is mad, that’s a lie. But, there are some pissed because it makes the entire crew look like assholes and we are certainly tired of his sh*t. Flair’s asked several of us for money when he’s had his credit cards declined. When that happens, the bar tab comes and others get stuck paying for the very drinks he said were on the house in the first place. Everyone loves the "Nature Boy", but when the limousines and party lifestyle is based on bad credit and lies, it suddenly becomes more pathetic than anything else. There is nothing glamorous about a guy who has no concept of money management and then lies to try and get out of it. The fact he has no money should be a lesson every wrestler today should take note of. Don’t let this happen to you. If you read the Gorgeous George book that came out and then take an honest look at Ric, you realize, wow, that book is pretty much predicting his future – and that’s not a happy ending."

Another TNA source also stated that Flair’s blow up couldn’t have come at a better time since it would force TNA management to deal with the situation and possibly cause them to be cautious in bringing in "big name" talent like Flair in the future. This same source added that many of the young talent are starting to "unite against the veterans" who, in the words of the source, have shown no upside based on current ratings and overall business. The young talent feel like they are "pulling the cart" so to speak with their work effort working on the road regularly while veteran talent don’t and choose to use TNA as their own personal "country club."

This same source was quoted as saying, "I respect what the older guys have done, but they aren’t making us any money. Nothing reflects that. We would draw the exact same if 99% of them were gone. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to take a leap forward and I really think more and more that’s where TNA is. Obviously, you need some veteran talents but there’s a crew here that wants to build a company and we want to focus on that, not paying someone’s bar tab and having to wait for him to fight it out with Craig Jenkins [TNA Management] when he doesn’t get his way."