Dana White Says Lesnar Won’t Fight Mir In Next UFC Bout

UFC president Dana White recently spoke out to the media about his thoughts on what’s next for former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar during his time in Germany this weekend for the "Marquardt vs. Okami" event in Oberhausen.

After killing the rumor that Lesnar requested a fight with Ultimate Fighter winner Roy "Big Country" Nelson at the UFC Fight Club Q&A session prior to UFC 122 this weekend, White further-cemented his desire to book a rubber match between Lesnar and heated rival Frank Mir for each of their next octagon appearances. Less than 24-hours later, White is singing a different tune, and for what he says is a legitimate reason.

The UFC head-hauncho made the following comments to mixed-martial arts website MMAJunkie.com during an interview this weekend, "People have been saying on my Twitter that they’re not happy with that fight. It’s something I need to rethink."

White didn’t forget to clarify the difference between changing a major fight based on "tweets" as opposed to internet message boards and websites. The UFC president continued, "I usually don’t gauge things by the internet, the internet is f*cking stupid. My Twitter I do."

White would elaborate a tad further with one final comment on the topic: "On my Twitter, there are 1.2 million people that care about this thing and everything else, and you don’t get the goofy sh*t that you get on the internet."

In a matter of a few weeks we went from not knowing if Lesnar even wanted to fight again after rumors spread (in the MMA community) of his potential interest in a return to pro wrestling following the now infamous "You wanna do it?" interview with WWE Superstar The Undertaker, to having two possible opponents for his next UFC fight, back to having no idea what exactly to expect (or when) for the mega-popular former champion of both the MMA and pro wrestling world’s.


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