The Miz Says He Feels Like The Rock, Talks NXT Stars, More

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with WWE Superstar The Miz from The Examiner Of Beaumont:

Coming over from reality television, how were you received in the WWE locker room?

Everyone hated me. It felt like I had to walk on eggshells and everyone was waiting for me to do something wrong. It was a different locker room back then and it wasn’t very fun for me, but I wanted to stick with it.

Now you have some gold around your waist. Have you arrived?

Even right now, I think I am progressing. I honestly feel like the Rock going from the WWE to the movies. He had to make an incredible transition where he’s no longer known as The Rock, but Rock the movie star. Granted, I love the reality stuff I’ve done and had a blast doing it, but I don’t want to be known as that guy, I want to be known as a WWE superstar. I am not at the level I want to be at. I don’t think I have arrived yet. When I arrive, that’s when I am on every WWE poster and every time you turn it on Raw, you just want to see what The Miz is going to do. Winning the U.S. title puts you into a category with the likes of Bret Hart, John Cena, Curt Henning, Eddie Guerrero, Lex Luger, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes and Stone Cold Steve Austin. For me to hold that title in the ring and get to say “I’m The Miz and I’m awesome’ in front of millions, it gives you goose bumps.

You were a mentor in the first season of NXT, now your back in the second season as a pro for Alex Riley.

He has the talent, the charisma and is very physically fit. He looks and acts the part. I think he has the ability to do something big in the WWE. I just wish the WWE Universe would get on his bandwagon. The problem is the Universe likes good, cool guys who ask them what they think.

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