JR Blog: More on Lesnar/Carwin, JBL Update, NXT Favorites

Jim Ross has updated his blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:

"I still feel that this will be Brock Lesnar’s most challenging fight in his short but spectacular MMA career. Carwin is, like Lesnar, an athletic freak of nature with a great, amateur wrestling background who can knock any human out with one clean shot. Lesnar’s 51 weeks outside the Octagon largely because of diverticulitis is a concern for many Lesnar fans such as myself. For a normal athlete, fighting another world class athlete like Shane Carwin in one’s first fight back from the unwanted sabbatical would seem illogical. However, and trust me when I say, Brock Lesnar is no ‘normal’ athlete."

"Got an email today from my pal JBL who was in South Africa attending the World Cup and handling some business. After leaving South Africa, the talented Texan will head to Bermuda for some R&R. Now that’s good work if one can get it. John prepared wisely for life after the wrestling road and I hope that his former peers are paying attention."

"NXT note…there’s something about Husky Harris that I like and it might be that he has a much different ‘look’ than do many of the NXT youngsters who all seem to be 6’2" and 240 or so pounds. If Husky (‘husky’ is the size pants I wore as a kid) can display charisma like his Grandpa, Blackjack Mulligan, the young athlete will do well in the family biz."