NXT Wrestling Speaks On WWE Trying To Use Their Trademark

James Tyler sent along the following:


A Renfrewshire-based company in Scotland has come under threat from US media giants after a global enterprise decided to use their name and tagline.

Global media giants World Wrestling Entertainment have recently announced their plans to launch WWE:NXT, the NXT Generation of wrestling. This has since been a cause for concern for Scottish promotion NXT Wrestling, a local company who risk getting squashed in favour of the multi-million dollar WWE headed by Vince McMahon.

NXT Wrestling was announced in 2006 and launched in 2007 as a way of giving young men with dreams their chance to break free from their lives and live for a few moments in the spotlight. NXT and it’s associated promotion the Scottish Wrestling Alliance have strived to bring quality family entertainment to towns and halls across the West of Scotland, culminating in the struggle to bring an ailing genre into the spotlight with events in Kelvin Hall, and has helped raise funds for charities including Torkhill Childrens Foundation.

When WWE announced their new brand as NXT, using the same tagline ‘NXT Generation’ and emphasis on developmental talent, staff and employee’s began to worry when they woke up to the new on Wednesday morning.

"We have had no direct contact from WWE regarding this matter but we welcome any conversation or resolution they would like to put forward." Commented Peter Murphy, owner of the Scottish Wrestling Alliance.

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