Former WWE Employee On Jericho/Helms Incident & More

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Former WWE Head Of Security, Jimmy Noonan, returned to The Mayhem airwaves for a new installment of the critically-acclaimed "Noonan Speaks," and was welcomed back to the program by The Big Mosh, Blade, & "The Chairman Of The Board" Todd Vincent. One of the biggest stories of the past week in the world of professional wrestling & sports-entertainment has been the arrests of WWE superstars Chris Jericho & Gregory "Hurricane" Helms," which took place last Wednesday morning after the SmackDown/ECW tapings in Cincinnati, OH. Jimmy wished use "Noonan Speaks" this week as a platform for his takes on the story, as he has seen his fair share of superstars & divas run into trouble with authorities over the years during his time in World Wrestling Entertainment:

"That’s the best that TMZ can come up with on that day. Listen guys, I live in Midtown Manhattan, public intoxication is almost a way of life for goodness sake. And as many of you know, I work in bars & clubs now in some of the most famous establishments in the world. People get drunk & stupid all the time and walk the streets drunk as sh*t…holidays, holy days, birthdays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays. In the big picture, this is not news at all. Jericho & Helms being drunk in a public is not news. If they beat someone senseless while drunk, that’s news. If they were screaming epithets while drunk…news. Accosting a woman in an inappropriate manner while drunk…news. And most importantly, they were not operating a motor vehicle; again this is not a case of drunk driving." 

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