Update on New TNA Show, Lacey Von Erich Gets Too Raunchy

This coming Thursday night, following Impact, TNA will debut its new show "TNA Epics." The show will be focused on Kurt Angle, and will air classic matches of his as well as interviews. The next airing of TNA Epics will be on February 11th and will focus on Sting. At this point, the show is slated to air on a monthly basis. It will be hosted by TNA star Mick Foley.

TNA’s Jeremy Borash has noted that he recently shot an episode of "Spin Cycle" with Kevin Nash and Lacey Von Erich. However, the episode had to be re-shot as Borash noted that Von Erich and Nash were too raunchy for the episode to air. Von Erich was told to clean up her "potty mouth" for the re-taping.