Booker T On If He’ll Return To WWE At Royal Rumble, More

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One of the most decorated superstars in the history of the industry & the man known across the globe as the former five-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, joined The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network for his first radio interview since departing TNA after the Bound For Glory Pay-Per-View. Many Internet rumors have been swirling to this point that have Booker T making a return to World Wrestling Entertainment in the coming weeks, coming off his two years performing with TNA Wrestling. Booker took the time to address those rumors exclusively on "Your Home Of Wrestling Radio," as fans around the world are anxious to see what Booker’s next move will be…especially with the potential start of another "Monday Night War." How close were we to seeing Booker debut with the WWE on Monday night, or surprise the world with a return to TNA to rejoin the company he left in October. "I had no plans of being on either show. Right now, I’m taking a little time off & seeing exactly which way I want to go. Wrestling has been very good to me on both the WWE side & the TNA side, so right now, I’m just taking some time off."

Booker’s time came to an abrupt end in TNA, and before he left, the company began to go in a younger direction. Despite this, some of TNA’s critics bashing the booking of the program. Booker was asked by The Mayhem Crew about his decision to leave TNA & why he decided it was time. "For me during my two years in TNA, I wrestled probably like three guys, and I think I got a little frustrated. I wanted to be a bigger part of TNA, I wanted to wrestle the Kurt Angle’s, Scott Steiner’s, Sting’s. I’m a professional wrestler. I go out & entertain, and I entertain best in the middle of the ring one on one. I just had a lot of matches that I wasn’t happy with, and I think I got frustrated with the writing more than anything. I think that was maybe my own demise wanting to go out there & do one-on-one matches whe n there was a lot of six man’s, or eight man’s, or ten man’s. I just didn’t feel happy with the way my career was going in that direction." "The Chairman Of The Board" Todd Vincent asked Booker if he ever went to the writers to give them ideas tried in an attempt to give them input during his time in TNA. "I’ve never been one of those guys to go the writers. I always waited for the writers to do their job, and my job was to go out there & perform. I wasn’t being paid to be part of the writing staff, so I stand back, and hopefully they would use me in the right areas & the right directions, and that is something didn’t happen during my two years there."

Now with all the surprise debuts in TNA as of late, Booker left the company before the ball began to roll on a lot of these changes taking place. With hindsight being what it is, how successful could have TNA been if he would stayed with all the changes in place now? "I can’t say if TNA would be more successful if I was there or anything like that. And all the names that have been thrown out (on Monday’s iMPACT), and all the new people coming in, Hulk Hogan actually came in a week after I left. Who’s to say that if I known that Hogan was coming in, if I would have stayed or not. Maybe I would have. Hulk Hogan is one of the guys who was an intricate part of Booker T & Stevie Ray becoming one of the most successful tag teams in wrestling by putting Sister Sherri Martel with us. Like I say, this business is a team business. They need good writers, but they need good wrestling minds to go with those writers, and at the end of my TNA run, we didn’t have wrestling minds in the office. It was just Vince Russo writing all the storylines & writing everything for the guys, and I feel like that is not a formula for success."

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