Taz On Heyman Booking TNA, Booker T Off TNA Website

Taz recently posted the following rant in response to some fan comments on his official Facebook page: "Cody, I disagree also. It was a strong wrestling show….and how do u know if Paul would WANT to even be back in the wrestling biz??? How do u know if Paul was happy doing with he’s doing?? How do u know if Russo and Paul aren’t friends and talk "shop" at times??? How do u know if TNA WANTS Paul?? How do u know if Paul WANTS TNA?? How do u know if Paul wasnt offered to work for TNA already??? U dont Sir. My point is NONE of U know the truth…I do! many of the pro wrestling fan base (sorry if Im stereotyping) think they KNOW…they DONT! Its funny."

rcantw3658 sent along the following: Booker T’s profile has been removed from the roster page at TNAWrestling.com. Sharmell’s bio is still on the roster page.