Report: Booker T Likely Finished With TNA, Headed To WWE is reporting that TNA star Booker T will likely be finished with TNA after his contract expires which is reportedly sometime in November. The belief right now is that Booker is unhappy with the company, and he also has a lot of backstage heat on him within TNA management because of recent behavior.

Most recently, Booker refused to put over Matt Morgan at the last set of Impact tapings, and he had a meeting just the day before with TNA President Dixie Carter where the two reportedly worked out some of the issues both sides were having with each other. Apparently that meeting did little to no good as Booker went ahead and refused to job to Morgan.

Additionally, Booker’s behavior on the last TNA overseas tour was described as "disruptive," and he even refused to work a tag team match with Scott Steiner, as we reported, when the fans began to throw chairs into the ring. Booker was reportedly telling those backstage in TNA that he has plans to return to WWE, and always has that option available which he claims he most likely will exercise.

Concerning the Matt Morgan issue, there is apparently no heat between him and Booker T, it was more a matter of Booker feeling that it was a creative mistake for him to lose to Morgan on TV rather than on a PPV. Additionally, Booker did not inform TNA management about his decision not to job to Morgan until 45 minutes before the Impact taping, which made it very difficult for the creative team to re-write the segment.