Jeremy Piven Insults WWE Fans, Criticizes Cena, Dr. Ken

J Biz sent along the following:

On an update to the story of Jeremy Piven on First Take on ESPN this morning: The interview was pre-recorded from the morning, but they asked Jeremy what it was like being used as a weapon.  His response was "I climbed up the turnbuckle, and I was surrounded by fans, mostly wearing mullets." Kind of taking a shot at the WWE audience there.

He then said the doctor told him right before he went out that if he breaks himself they can put him back together so that was comforting.  He said he just jumped as far as he could and Cena caught him.  He then went on to talk about Dr. Ken getting hurt saying that Ken’s head hit the concrete because Cena threw him too hard and said "he isn’t doing good but he’ll be back" – so Dr. Ken must have really gotten hurt.  I don’t really recall him saying it was great so Piven may be upset about this.