JR: Piven Gets a Diva’s Number, Same Main Events Getting Old

Jim Ross has updated his blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:

"Goodness knows that wrestling fans in general are rapidly growing tired of seeing many of their favorites competing/performing with the same suspects week in and week out. Sometimes new bouts will suck but sometimes they won’t but at least it will be something different. Isn’t different still a good thing?"

"From what I’m told, Entourage’s Jeremy (Ari Gold) Piven was a decent guy to be around and was allegedly working the WWE Divas hard in securing contact info. Nothing wrong with that for a healthy, young, single man who enjoys being cool and shaving every 3rd day or so. I was told that Piven was easy to work with and seemed happy especially after he got Kelly Kelly’s phone number. That’s the word on the street. I feel a TMZ story in the air."

"What in the hell is up with Miz. I honestly felt that Miz had ‘something’ going for him but obviously folks MUCH smarter than I apparently see Miz’s persona differently. Some day Miz could end up on SD as Todd Grisham could use a young, hip color commentator and Miz is very glib and topical."

"Sorry to hear about WWE HOF’er Nick Bockwinkel’s recent heart surgery. Nick seemed to always take good care of himself back in the day when many other pro athletes did not. Genetics are a strange thing and hopefully this heart surgery will help Nick regain the zip in his step."