Taz Responds To Being Called Out At ECW Reunion Show

“Apparently, at the ECW Legends Show promoted by Francine yours truly was “called out” and knocked that I wouldn’t work the event….an event which I was invited to.  Well 1st and foremost I would like to say that I commend Francine on putting on an event for such a great charity and I know the charity effects her greatly personally.  I apologize that I couldn’t make the event but I had several reasons why I couldn’t be there which include spending my 90 days in a quality time fashion with my family!! If that offends anyone I greatly apologize. Just for the ECW fans who did not attend the event I believe that there were several other original ECW acts that were not at the event either. I saw the talent list whom performed on the show and it seemed to be an excellent line up and I hope a lot of $$ was raised for a great cause…..a cause that my wife and I have donated $$ to in the past as it has effected our family also.  Honestly speaking, its was charity show and if you wanted to put a guilt trip on me you did.”