Results From The TNA iMPACT Tapings For Tuesday 6-23-09

Results From the TNA iMPACT Taping Tuesday 6-23-09.   TNA is taping 4 weeks of TV over 3 days.

In a New York City Street Fight: Brother Ray vs Brutus Magnus ended with run-ins by Rob Terry, Doug Williams, Kiyoshi & Bashir, all followed by Devon with a chair.   Kiyoshi was put through a table. 

Kurt Angle in ring promo with Steiner, Booker T, Sharmell, Nash & Morasca.   Angle calls out new MEM member Samoa Joe.   Angle apologising for not telling Sting which leads to Mick Foley who Angle owes Sting an explanation and Joe owes one to AJ, and Angle owes him a rematch for the title at Victory Road.  Foley invites them to his office.

Kevin Nash defeated Abyss when Dr. Stevie used a taser on Abyss.   Lauren checked on Abyss


Beer Money in ring promo as new tag champions.  Scott Steiner & Booker T come out and want matches, both tag & single.  Team 3D comes out and wants a rematch at Victory Road.

Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney in a 10,000 Thumbtacks match  (Why?)

Scott Steiner defeated Robert Roode.

JB is backstage with Kurt Angle, waiting for Sting

AJ Styles in ring promo and calls out Samoa Joe.   Joe attacks AJ, and Matt Morgan gets involved which leads to Daniels which leads to Nash, Booker T & Steiner.   Beatdown on AJ & Daniels continues until Sting appears.  MEM leave ring, and security get AJ & Daniels.  MEM return to ring with Sting.  Sting runs down Joe & the MEM, finally focusing on Nash.  Sting gives Nash a bat challeging him to take Sting out to get his spot, but before Nash can strike Sting does with another bat.  Joe grabs the other bat and gets Sting.  Nash hits the Jackknife Powerbomb on Sting.  MEM stand over Sting.

James Storm defeated Booker T w/Sharmell via DQ when Booker T used Storm’s beer bottle

The Amazing Red defeated Cody Deaner with ODB

Tara & Amazing Kong w/Raisha Saeed defeated The Beautiful People with Madison Rayne   Kong pinned Sky following an Implant Buster.  After the match Tara released a tarantula on the Beautiful People

Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Jarett & AJ Styles in a tag team match where the TNA World Title as on the line.  Jarrett passed out to Angle’s submission.  Steiner, Booker T & Nash came down to celebrate.  Styles tries to fend them off using his Legends Title, getting Joe, but he’s then cut off by the MEM who beat on AJ while Jarrett remains knocked out. Light out, Sting music, lights on Sting in ring with bat over Angle, Sting attacks MEM, lights off, lights on, Sting gone and so is Angle’s title belt.