WWE Done With Playboy, Another New WWE Show?, More

The following is an excerpt from Devin Cutting’s recap of Vince McMahon’s question-and-answer session from the annual WWE shareholders meeting:

*Vince McMahon said that WWE is looking into creating a Wednesday night TV program. He feels that it would not be overexposure due to the huge number of TV stations available & that being on TV every weeknight would make it easier for the fans to follow along with the storylines or catch up if they miss any of the TV shows.

*Vince McMahon said that Playboy wanted to work with WWE again this year, but Vince turned down the offer because of WWE’s new “PG environment”.

*Vince McMahon announced that WWE has signed a deal with Pepsi.

*Vince McMahon partially blamed the decline of pay-per-view buys on more fans choosing to watch pay-per-views with each other rather than individually ordering the pay-per-views.

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