Chris Jericho/New VH-1 Show?, JR Mistake At Backlash, More sent along the following to The "Metal Genius" himself & one of the hosts of VH-1 Classic’s "That Metal Show," Eddie Trunk, joined The Mayhem for an in-depth interview about all things metal. As many people know (and some don’t), he is friends with WWE SmackDown superstar, Chris Jericho, and The Mayhem Crew wanted to know Eddie’s feelings about his foray into music with Jericho’s group Fozzy & if there will be any appearances on the "That Metal Show" in his future. "Chris is a great friend of mine, and we met because Chris was a fan of my radio show. Apparently he had tried to get in my show, and a number had tried to book him, and I was resistant to it. I really know who Chris Jericho in the wrestling world, but also he was also in the mode after doing Fozzy, where he did not want to address him as Chris Jericho, the wrestler, but as Moondog whatever. And I couldn’t get down with that whole storyline they were pushing. So I said I would have this guy if he just talked music & not that whole thing."

John McKinney sent along the following to Not sure if anyone picked up on this, but during the Triple H, Batista & Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton & Legacy match at Backlash last night, Jim Ross on announcing said "WWF" instead of "WWE".