Big WWE Draft & WMXXV Spoilers?, WCW Nitro Milestone, Cena

Scott Douglas sent along the following to You recently posted on WrestleZone about a movie trailer you couldn’t remember that features John Cena’s song, "Bad, Bad Man". The movie is "Observe and Report", which features Seth Rogen, Ray Liotta and Anna Faris to name a few of the stars.

Adam McCormack sent along the following to I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but yesterday (Thursday, March 26th) is eight years to the day since the final episode of WCW Nitro.

Steven Wilson sent along the following to WWE is doing another UK tour in a few weeks, making two stops in Scotland. April 17th is the RAW show while April 23rd will feature the SmackDown! and ECW crews. Some interesting possible spoilers include an advertised Intercontinental title match between CM Punk and Kane, a main event of John Cena and Rey Mysterio vs. Edge and Chris Jericho, and a WWE title bout with Triple H vs. Big Show. You can draw any number of spoiler possibilites from that, or just assume it’s typical advanced-promotion that will ultimately mean nothing. Time will tell!

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