John Cena On Barack Obama, Politics, If Wrestling Is Real

Cody Loflin sent along the following to

Just passing along that John Cena was on Hannity as a panelist on the Great American Panel segment. The segment started with a clip of 12 Rounds.

The first topic was about President Obama’s teleprompter, Cena wasn’t directly asked about that question.  He was asked if he had to learn his lines in the movie, or did he need a teleprompter for that.  A second topic was asked, but Cena did not answer before the break.

Next topic is about President’s Obama’s Aunt who is in the U.S. illegally.  Cena said that she is here illegally and agrees that she needs to be deported. Next topic concerns foreign affairs.  Cena does answer this one, saying that we need to focus on issues here.

Next question.  Is Wrestling Real?  Cena answers and says its as real as you want it to be.  He then plugs 12 Rounds and Hannity says he will take his kids to the movie.  End of the segment

As always with politics you need to see things in context. Cena seemed comfortable being in a completely different type of environment than what he is used to.  I was surprised that he would comment on political questions.