Cena On Alex Rodriguez, Hulk Reacts To Brooke Pole-Dancing

–John Cena was quoted in the New York Daily News today as saying the following about baseball star Alex Rodriguez: “[Steroids] are the personal choice of the athlete and [Rodriguez] got defensive, saying he used because he felt he needed to. If there was a set of [legal] stipulations set in place, he may never have even considered it.  The government should take the initiative, and if you get caught using drugs, then you should go to jail. A criminal record will hurt your endorsements and long-term contracts.”

–Hulk Hogan reacted to his daughters’ pole-dancing from last week in Life & Style, saying: "I try to make it to as many of Brooke’s performances as possible. I support her and everything that she does.  I’d watch my daughter perform no matter what she does."