Benoit Edit Missed, Brooke Hogan’s New CD, Balls Mahoney Update


Despite being edited completely out of the recent WWE WrestleMania magazine, Chris Benoit is profiled extensively in the new WWE Encyclopedia, which was released by DK Publishing.

Hulk Hogan’s daughter and VH-1 reality television star Brooke Hogan is releasing a new album shortly. The album will be called "The Redemption."

Nathan Ward sent along the following to That’s Incredible Productions is proud to announce that the entire Balls Mahoney vs. EWA incident from Butler, PA will be released on DVD in its entirety, completely uncut. See Balls call the promoter and take a road trip to the scumbag’s house. This DVD includes exclusive interviews from Balls Mahoney, Justin Credible, and more. The DVD is available at Visit this link for the trailer for the DVD, Run time is approx. 1 hour.   Please note the Marvin Ward has nothing to do with this incident. Also, in response to the deadbeat promoter’s statement of Balls being "impared" and a "was a mess" at the show, those claims are false. I was with Balls from the time he got off the airplane to the time we went back to the airport. He was not impared or under the influence at any time. Balls went out, competed in his match, with a last-minute replacement, and carried him through a great match. He was visibally upset about not getting paid, as was the entire locker room, but never was physically violent.