Current WrestleMania 21 Plans, Batista Babyface Turn, Funaki Update; more

– The working plan for WrestleMania 21 is to have Triple H vs. Randy Orton in the main event slot for the World Heavyweight Title. Although this appears to be the plan, many within the company feel a Triple H vs. Batista match is more marketable. Despite this, Triple H has told many that he feels stronger about working a match with Orton.

– On a related note concerning Batista, his babyface turn has been scripted several times (including the November 29th edition of RAW that featured Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge for the World Title). Despite it being scripted, the creative team has voted against it and reportedly wants to save it for down the road. There have been reports stating that an Evolution breakup is imminent. Please keep in mind that future pre-advertised house show lineups are in NO WAY a sign of things to come. House show lineups can be set on a Thursday going into the weekend and then change the next day. Again, there is NO confirmation whatsoever of an Evolution breakup and as things stand right now, it is not likely to happen until after WrestleMania 21.


– It appears various WWE agents suggested the idea of putting the WWE Cruiserweight Title on Funaki at Armageddon last Sunday.