Injured WWE Star Teases His Return With a New Gimmick

Injured WWE star Skip Sheffield, aka Ryan Reeves, has posted the following on his Twitter account:

"Sitting in a chair at a table in Sin City wondering why this ladder is in front of me? Laughing at the gossip, the Secret Power, it begins.."

"Who am I? Only time will tell, but rest assured narkboys Im not a Terminator sent to save John Connor. I also hate College Station

"I refuse to type it yyywid is fake, accept n forget. My life my rules. Born n raised in Sin City, soon a psycho will be unleashed.

As we have been reporting, speculation is that Sheffield will return under the name Ryback, a name for which WWE recently filed a trademark. The name is based off of a Terminator like gimmick Sheffield used to portray, and it seems as if he might be bringing it back to WWE when he makes his return.