ROH News Wire For 12/28, Final Battle iPPV Replay Details


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ROH delivered on its final iPPV of the year with Final Battle 2011. The event was highlighted by some great wrestling, wicked chair shots and the rise of a new challenger to the ROH World Championship. With over 4 hours of action, this is a show you don't want to miss!

The Ring of Honor Newswire for December 28th.

– Everybody in Ring of Honor is still feeling the after effect from "Final Battle 2011". It will certainly go down as one of the most memorable nights in the history of ROH. If you missed this extraordinary event then you definitely want to go out of your way to see it. The ROH athletes put it all on the line at the biggest event of the year.

– The windup last Friday was an amazing battle between two warriors for the most prestigious championship in all of wrestling. Richards-Edwards III lived up to all of the hype and Richards walked away beaten but still ROH Champion. Both Richards and Edwards gave everything they had and deserve all of the credit in the world. Edwards lived up to his "Die Hard" nickname by taking everything in Richards' arsenal and still fighting back. In the end, Richards was connecting with pinpoint accuracy and landed several hard kicks that Edwards simply couldn't avoid. Both competitors received medical attention after the bout and each man suffered multiple deep bruises and dehydration.

-Congratulations to the new ROH Tag Team Champions Mark and Jay Briscoe. The Briscoe Brothers are now the 7 time ROH Tag Team Champions and, with the greatest tag team division in all of wrestling, it will be interesting to see how long "Dem Boys" can hold onto the gold.

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– ROH returns to the Manhattan Center on March 4th for our "10th Anniversary Show" and we are running a special on Balcony Tickets for a limited time only!

– A very special meeting involving ROH officials is scheduled for tomorrow morning at the ROH Headquarters. There will be a multitude of issues discussed and confirmed as we enter 2012.

– One of the issues on the agenda to address is the use of illegal weapons. ROH officials were appalled at the lack of respect shown for the rules in certain bouts last Friday night.

– Kevin Steen has unfortunately been reinstated here in Ring of Honor. Steen was successful in his No Disqualification massacre against Steve Corino last Friday night and has already made his presence felt in a big way. After Steen pinned Corino he took the mic and said that he came to "Final Battle" to do three things. The first was to destroy Corino and get his job back. Steen then attacked and laid out referee Jimmy Jacobs with a Package Piledriver and said that was Number 2. Steen then looked at Jim Cornette and held up 3 fingers, but before Steen could lay out Cornette, El Generico ran out and made the save. Generico and Steen went at it but Steen eventually gave Generico a low blow and the Package Piledriver off the apron through the ringside table. El Generico was treated by EMT's and taken to the local hospital in agony. Medics have carried out scans and X-rays which have revealed that Generico has suffered a severe neck injury. We will have more information when we receive it.

– Rhett Titus is another ROH competitor who left "Final Battle" in worst shape then he entered. Titus entered Final Battle with a knee injury that was the result of the Young Bucks attacking him at "Northern Aggression" in Greensboro, NC. Last Friday the Bucks inflicted more damage to Titus' knee after they relentlessly attacked it forcing the referee to stop the contest earning the Bucks a future title shot and earning Titus another trip to the orthopedic doctor. Titus is scheduled for an appointment tomorrow and we will keep you updated on his progress.

– "That Young Knockout Kid" Chris Hero returned to ROH last Friday at "Final Battle" to answer the Roderick Strong Invitational Challenge to the surprise of everyone! ROH officials are looking to book Hero for another upcoming event if possible.

– Lancelot and Harlem Bravado went into "Final Battle 2011" knowing that there ROH status was up in the air if they didn't come out of the 5 Team Gauntlet successful. The brothers were unsuccessful like normal and will now be taking an extended hiatus from Ring of Honor. Fortunately, since the Bravados know that they need to improve and receive more training they sent an application to Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan…and it was accepted! The Bravado Brothers will be going to Japan on January 13th to live and train in the NOAH dojo for 3 full months. This is a huge opportunity for the Bravados and everyone in ROH wishes them the best of luck!

– It's with great excitement that, for the first time, Ring of Honor ventures to the great city of Cincinnati in 2012! On Friday night, February 17th, ROH hits the Taft Masonic Center, located on 315 East 5th Street in Cincinnati, with all the exciting wrestling action you have come to expect from ROH! Tickets for our Cincinnati debut go on sale at to the general public on Friday December 30th at 10AM, but if you're a Ringside Member then you get first crack at them on Wednesday, December 28th at 10AM EST!

– Now with "Final Battle 2011" in the books, you can expect all of the matches to be announced soon for our January events in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Norfolk.