CZW At ECW Arena Results (1/14): Philadelphia, PA.


Combat Zone Wrestling (Philadelphia, Pa. at ECW Arena)

Report by Matt ten-Hoeve and

I would just like to say that it was quite the honor to be at, what seems to be, the final ECW Arena shows. I remember watching ECW every week on whatever channel it happened to be on, wishing I could one day make it to that crazy place. I finally did that two years ago and have been to quite a few shows since then. I wish I could have gone to more.

Larry Legend was on vacation, so a different announcer (who was ill received because of the love of Larry Legend by the CZW faithful) introduced Greg Excellent, the man in charge for the show. He introduced Roger from the Arena. Roger thanked everyone and asked the wrestlers to come out to be applauded. Only a handful came out.

Greg Excellent got down to business and brought out DJ Hyde, who was wearing a genie costume per Greg’s instruction. Greg said that while Roger was talking, he was drawing up contracts. He has signed one of the ringside fans to a contract. He has also reinstated Drew Blood (the CZW referee – and former wrestler – DJ fired last month). Greg said that DJ would participate in a warmup match against WHACKS.

1. WHACKS defeats DJ Hyde via screw job. Drew Blood wouldn’t count for DJ and fast counted for WHACKS.

Derek Frazier came out next and said he has a special guest referee for his match against Ryan McBride. He brought out Rockin’ Rebel, who grabbed the mic and started talking about how he’s f—ed everyone’s mothers. Good ol’ Rebel…

2. Ryan McBride defeated Derek Frazier. Derek Frazier accidentally hit Rockin’ Rebel. McBride took advantage and Drew Blood came out to make the count. After the match, Rockin’ Rebel got his revenge on Frazier for hitting him.

3. AR Fox defeated Uhaa Nation. Both guys hit some nice moves. Uhaa is very impressive. The crowd enjoyed this very much.

4. Azrieal and Bandido Jr. defeated BLK OUT’s Alex Colon and Ruckus via no contest in a CZW Tag Title match. The Runaways attacked BLK OUT. Azrieal and Bandido made the save.

5. Sami Callihan defeated Rich Swann to retain the CZW Jr. Hvt. Championship. Sami won via submission.

Before the Greg Excellent vs. Mia Yim match, Greg Excellent told the announcer that all douchebags in green tights must leave the ringside area. That meant Adam Cole. After some refusal, he did leave.

6. Greg Excellent defeated Mia Yim in an intergender match. After the match, Greg Excellent said that Mia is one tough bitch. The crowd was into it.

During intermission, they aired a video message from Shane Douglas. He apologized for not being there. He said that there will be another Extreme Reunion in Philadelphia on April 28. He then bashed Vince McMahon and called Dixie Carter a bimbo.

Danny Havoc came out…to drink with everyone. He brought out some former CZW guys like Nate Webb, Homicide, and his special guest…The Blue Meanie. Drew Gulak interrupted. He called everyone washed up and stupid for letting the booze ruin them. Matt Tremont came out and we are under way…

7. Drew Gulak defeated Matt Tremont via submission. Danny Havoc came back out and was in disbelief that Tremont tapped to Gulak. He said it’s him vs. Tremont next month.

8. Eddie Kingston defeated Joker. Some real stiff shots here. Eddie Kingston makes wrestling look real. After the match, Eddie Kingston grabbed the mic. He said that Eddie Moore was born in New York, but Eddie Kingston was born in the Arena. He said on the day he dies, don’t bring him to the hospital, bring him to the Arena.

9. Devon Moore defeated Adam Cole to retain the CZW Title. Some real close pinfalls here. I thought Adam Cole was going to win, for sure. Yim came out to help Adam Cole, but it backfired, resulting in Moore retaining.

DJ Hyde came out for his match against John Zandig, who grabbed the mic and said that if he was still in charge, they wouldn’t be losing the Arena.

10. DJ Hyde defeated John Zandig with a rollup. Very bloody match. They went all over the arena. They went through panes of glass. After the match, Zandig threw DJ Hyde from the top rope through a makeshift table made of glass. Zandig then grabbed the mic again and said that this was probably it for him. He only came back for the fans since it was the last show at the Arena.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy the show. The CZW faithful truly loves CZW. I’m sure wherever CZW decides to go, their loyal fans will follow them.